SMYC Sunday 24 Oct

Wind SSE 25-30mph at Tutt Head, Mumbles.  At the lake it was very blustery with some 45 and occasional 90 degree windshifts, with varying speeds from 5-20mph.  Ian laid a large stb'd course with the windward mark closer the other side of the lake just in the shadow of the trees.
11 yachts took to the water including Ray's recently weighed '5oz overweight' triple crown.  All were in their working suits.  The start line was a good length and very Port biased, in fact there were no major dramas at the start during all 9 races, any minor indiscretions usually occurred at the windward mark with Port, Starboard encounters.  A little leeway and rule tolerance was given due to the longer than normal distances involved.
Ian certainly made the most of the tricky conditions and after some poor form of late took the lead in most races.  On the other hand the opposite was happening to Ray, his run of good form seemed to run out. I started off good then made a right hash of the second beats in the first two races. Got snagged with Peter at the start of the third and was premature in the fourth.
During the break I noticed Ian was sailing with a lot of twist (main 60+mm). I just added a tiny amount more rake but kept the twist pretty neutral as the majority of the time I felt slightly underpowered and only rarely overpowered.
Eventually I felt comfortable with the conditions, made some good tacking decisions on the beats and pulled away, winning the last three races which secured a second place overall