Anne Summers!

If Anne Summers made IOM's it would probably look like this!

Black Shadow (which could be a woman's toy) made her maiden appearance.  It is in fact a fairly new Bantock designed and built Picanto. It is pure top quality and it's great to see pedigree IOM's being raced at Swansea.  

OK VMG is not of the same pedigree or kennel for that matter but during todays racing, again in near perfect if slightly chilly conditions she proved very competitive.  Vanessa who is now sailing Paul's ex 'Domestic Goddess' (Isis) was relishing the conditions and her 30 sec handicap could have been reduced to 20 sec by the coffee break as she scored three bullets in five races.  Paul who is the proud new owner of the pimped Pic was also having a good day but just couldn't quite beat his wife Vanessa.  Vanessa finished second overall and as you only sing when you're winning I came first with I think my lowest ever score of 12

Ten skippers turned up.  Unfortunately, Ray was suffering from man flu and Nigel was in Norfolk,  Dan was working and the Bridgend Boy's were probably kitesurfing.  As for Peter, he was probably still coming to terms with winning a race last week.