It took a bit longer than the suggested 15hrs to complete but I think the results were worth it!  The build was very similar to the Hammer which is understandable as they are both produced by Bejzyk.  The  Mefisto has a 1.9m span and weighs 820 grams

 The first job was to seal the end of the wing joiner and then glue into place,  the wing roots had to be re cut to form the required dihedral

The Vee tail is then joined together and I reinforced the joint with GRP

Whilst using GRP I also took the opportunity to strengthen the inner nose

Cutting into the wing root to fit a hard blocks through which the wing fixing bolts will pass through, there are four of these in total

Looking down the fuse, I have shaped a ply plate into which the wing bolt nuts have been installed

Due to the wing profile I had to use a slim wing servo so I chose Hobbyking, they appear to work fine on the bench!

The ply skin which I initially removed was re glued into the aperture to provide a bit more strength, the servo is kept in place with double sided sticky tape

I decided to use ball joints to secure the tail controls, this should reduce some slop

The nose.  Futaba S3154 servo's, cheap clevis's, 6V 950 mAh battery pack and a full nose of lead

Two coats of West systems resin on the wings, some orange go faster stripes and all is done