7 boR, Latest

The wetted hull area has received two layers of fibre glass, the freeboard just the one but once the deck has been finished another layer of fiber glass we be added around the gunwhales and finished at the chine.  This should produce a good solid knock resistant barrier to the inevitable collisions.

I find it very satisfying when it's time to remove the shadows and get a look at the inside, for some reason it gives a much better idea of the hull volume 

The internals prior to sanding and sealing

I have also started to manufacture the fin and mast case out of 3.2mm balsa.  4 x 3.2 works out to be as the diameter of the mast so the case works out really neat

I have also moulded a kicker well as the decks will be flush, prior to final fitting the above pieces will receive some filler and a couple of coats of resin