25 mph dabble

Just a short sharp shock with the Mefisto.  What an absolute joy to fly.


There's a debate going on round here.......The name for one of my new projects.  My preference is:
SICK PIG.  However,  I'm way out numbered 3:1. 
So, it is now official.  My first ever homebrew snowboard is to be called "Prezzerz"
Say no more!

Prezzerz core
Beech, Sapele and Maple side walls


All is well with Swell.  A couple of small issues with boat balance but after moving the fin 10mm further aft and a couple of small tweaks she appears to be up there with the other popular modern designs.  However, in saying this I wish we had a bit more wind as she is a fairly beamy design compared to her competitors at 194mm so a bit more breeze will hopefully see her in her element.

VMG re launch

After months of racing I have come to the conclusion that Joio is just not up to speed.  She was my latest and narrowest design to date but after a lot of scrutinising I can only conclude that her beam and transom are just too narrow at 163 and 73mm respectively.
So until I complete a replacement, VMG which was my second D&B back in 2011 has had a little makeover and is now back on the water and at the sharp end of the fleet.  I have learnt so much since I first started sailing VMG so it will be interesting to see what she is capable of.  Although, I have to come to terms with using a rather slow Graupner Regatta winch as the RMG fitted just in front of the mast would have had an adverse effect on the boats trim.

2016 VMG

Joio, now in dry dock

Mi & Li

Sat afternoon on the slope.  An hour earlier and it was blue sky and Sun

Sea Mist

The 15mph SW wind was full of sea mist which rolled up the headland in thick tracks.  At times you could see half a mile and within a few secs the visibility was down to a few metres.  However, the conditions just suited the Dream Flite Libelle perfectly and I had one of best half hour soaring sessions ever.  Low, close and full of varying manoeuvers.
The Libelle is just less cumbersome than either the Traceur or Vagabond.  It's a very refined, special glider.

Off the Topic

Last weekend  was a little different in that Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was spent in the workshop.  Ok, that's not exactly unusual!  However, in that relatively short space of time I managed to design, build, varnish, tune and play a Cigar Box Guitar.
Scraps of ply, softwood, pop rivets, a spanner and an old key being the main ingredients.  Not forgetting the £9 I spent on the pick up and jack plug.  Result!

Sat Night Soaring Spot

It was difficult choice, Eurovision or Sloping?  The forecasters didn't predict SW winds today so this afternoon I popped over to Hunts and this evening I strolled over to the 8th Tee. I'm now a very happy soarer.

Vintage Soaring

Super afternoon on the slope. Smooth generous lift to start then gradually decreasing to a gentle drifting breeze. There were also quite a few designs being flown from a 44yr old Dynaflite Ranger 99" , A Fatbox with an original Skyleader servo, Cobra, Zagi, Easy Star, Multiplex 300MM Fox, Vagabond, Mefisto and Libelle.
Due to the wind direction we flew off Penmaen Burrows overlooking Three Cliffs Bay.  It's a fantastic location and on the other side of the Headland it's also a great spot for Westerly winds and for the brave it is possible to Dynamic Soar (DS) the Great Tor.  If you're wondering what DS'g is then it's the fastest form of RC flight, faster than any powered aircraft including jets!  The World Record speed currently stands at just over 500mph, not bad for a glider!!

What a glider looks and sounds like at 505mph