Autumn Series Final Results

In the end it wasn't as close as I thought it was going to be. Due to one days racing being cancelled only 9 days counted and one discard was awarded.  Had there been 10 days scores and the introduction of two discards then it could have been a lot closer........I'm not complaining.
The last day's racing was run in the lightest of winds ranging from .25-2mph and again beats would temporarily become runs and vice versa.  A lot of concentration was required.  Did I say a lot! It was all about concentration, concentration, concentration.  If you let your boat come to a stand still you could forget it, any movement was key.  If'd you'd asked me about apparent wind and IOM's I would have laughed prior to this race but my thoughts have changed since.  Apparent wind might be the wrong term it could be some other scientific anomaly?  But what ever it is a stationary IOM takes a lot to get it moving again especially one designed like a Lintel which, are gaining a reputation to be a tricky boat to tune and not best suited to lighter winds.
Given the less than ideal Lintel conditions I was very happy with my overall performance, 3 bullets in ten races.  However, Ian's Triple Crown rained supreme although, with only 2 bullets his cool head and vast experience made sure he only had 1st & 2nds as scoring results (after discards) finishing with a total of 14pts compared to my 19pts