For the past week I've been looking at the shadows and thinking about the design, a bit of a cooling off period I guess.  Overall I was pleased with the looks and scale of the rocker, beam etc.  However, the hard chines running to the bow just didn't feel right.  When the Lintel is running off the wind she can be a bit difficult to stear.  This could be me being over zealous on the sticks or is it the chines?  As soon as there is any heel a chine can dig in and turn the bows, over correction whilst stearing and then the opposite chine digs in and the boat swerves the over way.
So this morning I modified the templates and laminated  two short stringers which will allow me to sand out some nice curves.

It only took three planking strips to do each side, next I will plane down the edges to meet the shadows and start to plank the bottom of the hull, remembering to remove the temporary packers first.
I bought ten sheets of 1000x100x4mm balsa off ebay for £12.00  The weights varied from 34-79 grams which isn't unusual but I will be using the lightest  for this project.