SMYC 06.11

N.E wind direction and very light and patchy towards the windward mark due to the wind shadow caused by the proximity of the tall trees.  From the gybe mark to the leeward mark and back to the start/finish line the wind was a pretty constant 5-7mph.  Consistency was a problem for me but I wasn't alone, quite a few skippers found themselves getting in a tangle with other competitors and marks due to the fluctuating wind strength and direction at the windward mark.  Overall Mike and Ray made the most of the conditions and took the 1st and 2nd positions.  They both really seem to enjoy sailing in what I consider less than ideal conditions!
Below is a picture of Harry who competed in his first race toady.  Vanessa who was doing her OOD duty kindly let Harry race her boat.  Due to it being his first race he has a 30second handicap head start which he used to good effect.  At the windward mark he was in 2nd place behind another handicapper,  he sailed slightly too low on the first reach and 4 boats managed to get over him.  I managed to overtake him at the Gybe mark. On the final beat he went to the right whilst I went left.  The right paid off and I was beaten by my son in his first race.  Later he had three scoops of ice cream followed by an introduction into the Racing Rules