Foredeck finished

Today I finished and fitted the foredeck.  I used 4ba deck eyes drilled out to 3/32's for the jib deck clew for the No 1 and 2 rigs.  I don't have a number 3 so didn't bother with any additional fittings.  The jib sheet will be fed through an aluminium tube terminating in a 1/8 pop rivet head at deck level, the No 2 sheeting position is a piece of piano wire wrapped around a plastic tube which locates the mast ram.
I haven't incorporated diagonal bracing from the deck shrouds to mast base as the shrouds will be fixed in the sides of the hull and not in the decks as this should be stronger, stiffer and within class rules due to the shape of the hull.  You can just make out the hardwood blocks which the shrouds will be located in.