Primer fin/mast case

For some reason I just wasn't looking forward to this area of the project.  However, a part from some very cold feet (it's only about 5C in the garage today) it's been quite enjoyable.  It all started off well this morning when I weighed the hull and decks 660 grams.  If I can keep the all up weight of the hull under 1100grams not including batteries then I'll be looking for some church roof (lead corrector weight)
Then I got stuck into cutting and gluing balsa, I even managed to cut the deck servo apertures, later today I'll coat all the remaining bare balsa with resin and just finish off the reinforcement on the underside of the foredeck

The cut outs in the sides of the fin case and the balsa sheets fixed to the sides of the aft deck will support the servo trays.  That along with the over length mast step (See top photo) will no doubt help stiffen this area.