No future in telepathy

They've done it again!

SMYC have cancelled todays racing two and a half hours before the start as it was raining 60 miles away.  What a silly way to run a yacht racing club!  Next they'll be cancelling races days in advance due to a low pressure system in the Atlantic
Racing should only be cancelled or postponed at the time of the advertised start.  It should be left up to each individual whether they want to enter or not.  Unless of course the lake is frozen, flooded or emptied.
This is recently the fourth time they have done this and on only one occasion could the decision be partially valid as it was raining at the time of the advertised start.  Today for instance we have had a very short shower since the start time the remaining 1 hour 57mins has been dry.
Come on SMYC it's time to stop this ridiculous crystal ball practice