Rebound is off the drawing board and firmly on the building board.  I'm making use of the salvaged wings from OCD, which in turn were once used on a Phase 6.
Rebound's fuselage is 31" long and a narrow 1.25" wide which, is the narrowest I could go using 12.5g servo's.  The symmetrical airfoil wing span is 45"

Rebound will be 3 channel aileron, elevator and rudder, fingers crossed aerobatic glider

From a side elevation I have tried to give Rebound a slightly scaled appearance 

This evening I started cutting some of the tail pieces and fuselage sides, the step will be curved into the fin and is to support the stab,  It also forms the rebate for the 5mm thick, top and bottom fuse sheeting to marry into.  At the tail the total fuse width will be 12mm

I'll be laminating 4+5mm thick sheeting to allow for the curvature in the nose