No wonder

It's no wonder you don't hear of many balsa kits being built or flown in Siberia or anywhere North of Birmingham for that matter.  It's way too cold to be standing over the building board trying to carefully measure, cut, align or heavens above try to pin & glue something together.
I have tried recently by attaching my whole sock draw to my feet, multi layering the Christmas jumpers which I normally don't like to be seen wearing outside of the house and reducing the national stock of hot water bottles.
But it's no use within a couple of minutes my toes do more complaining than the shadow cabinet, my blood disappears from my fingers quicker than a bankers bonus and my nose runs quicker than that Mr Bolt chap.
Yet, despite all this I still find myself being told by a lump of fat located between my ears to venture out to the workshop.
Yesterday I did just this and managed to shape and sand Rebound's fuse and I guess it was worth it.