Club Racing

The conditions were pretty much ideal for some good racing.  It was sunny and fairly warm with a 10-12mph South easterly wind which is a favourable direction.  Any wind from the South runs almost the whole length of the lake prior to the race area so in general there are fewer holes to fall into.  There are still the slight shifts to contend with but that's the interesting bit where big gains and losses are to be had.
Paul, Nigel and myself were taking most of the Bullets.  It was nice to see Paul at the right end of the Fleet as it appeared that he had just done a straight swap with Ian who ended up around 5 or 6.
11 skippers were present but Daves Tinto was retired when the jib track started to peel away from the deck. Another unusual occurrence was when Peter won a race! he was obviously concentrating on rolling a fag at the time.
Paul's sex goddess

 A Lintel chasing a pair Isis's

Great racing