IOM David Trippe Trophy (DSC 1)

This was to be my first race outside of SMYC's Fendrod Lake.  In fact it's probably the second closest Club to where I live but still a 175 mile round trip.  The weather was OK a little cold at times and the wind almost dropped off completely at one stage whilst it decided which direction to fill in from.
After a couple of  good starts and first beats I was still finding myself finishing at the back end of the B Fleet during the light stuff.  However, as the wind picked up so did my results.  When the wind was at its strongest I had my first B Fleet bullet and promotion to A Fleet.  This was short lived, two small incidents where one boat sailed down onto me just before the start and another when someone decided to sail in front of me whilst I was starboard,  and  not forgetting that I also sailed into a mark.  So back to B Fleet I went.
Soon after I achieved another promotion to A Fleet, this time I had an OK first beat and run in the middle of the pack but took the port leeward gate, this proved to be a good choice, by the end of the beat I was in second place.  On the run I went slightly deeper than the boat in front and managed to get ahead and I took the lead, covered the fleet as best I could on the last beat and managed my first A Fleet win.
Just to prove I'm very inconsistant  I was demoted in the following race and then promoted again for the last race.
I had a fab time, met some really nice people and enjoyed the spirit in which the competitors raced and would like to thank the Woodsprings race organisers & volunteers.  My final result was 12 of 21

An A fleet start
Very, very close racing between the windward and spreader marks
Simon Clarke's IOM