P15 Plastic Surgery

The last time I flew the P15 I tried to also take some photo's at the same time.  This wasn't one of my best ideas given the conditions.  So it wasn't long before I was concentrating more on the camera than the flying and in inevitable happened.  When I looked up the P15 was coming down.  I just put full up elevator on to try and slow the decent down by which time she was single feet figures.
The overall damage wasn't too bad, the fin broke, a small part of the wing and the fuselage cracked in a couple of places.  The fin and wing were relatively easy fixes but the fuse needed a bit of plastic surgery! 

glass weave mounted to fuse
wetted out and new balsa nose cone
second coat of resin applied
2nd coat sanded back 
1 coat of QD 90 metal paint