The conditions were favourable to maiden Rebound.  The first flight was a bit hairy to say the least as she was extremely twitchy.  I did get used to her after a couple of minutes but she tip stalled once or twice perhaps three times! which certainly kept me on my toes.  After the first flight I made some tweaks to the rates and expo which helped to make her more controllable.  But nothing easy could be done to prevent the dreaded 'Tip Stall'  in fact it's only since flying Rebound that I truly understand the effects of a wing tip stall and it's pretty frightening when it occurs.  So new wings could help the tip stalling problem?
In the end the 44" wings had their own way and I lost control.  Will she be repaired.........

Not for a little while as there's just too much on the bench at the moment especially if I keep flying/ crashing like a complete lemon