Wings 'n' bits

I finally started to assemble Fourn's wings, they aren't too big so have only taken a couple of hours to date.  I have added some local reinforcement to the root in the way of a spruce brace behind the leading edge and additional solid balsa in the spar web

I also thought I would make and install a ballast tube in Sol's fuse.  It just happened that I had  half a carbon tiller extension left over from my Cat racing day's so out with the saw and down to business.  

One end is sealed with a wooden dowel and a groove was cut out

The groove is housed over the GRP strengthened wing joiner plate.  The groove is deeper than required to allow a little for and aft movement without damaging the joiner plate (that's the theory)

The loading end.  I added another GRP bulkhead behind the former to support the tube, I haven't made up my mind yet on the most practical way to make good the end to allow easy loading and securely hold the ballast in place.  Watch this space!