Hammer wing build

I guess I'd consider myself a competent modeller when it comes down to the building of kit gliders.  So it's strange why I feel a little apprehensive about the building of the Hammer, it's probably due to the fact that there were no plans or instructions supplied with the kit.  The distributor's printer had run out of ink!  Or is it because of the flying qualities of an F3F glider possibly being beyond my flying capabilities! Who knows?
Today I drew another step closer to competition by working on the ail/flap hinges

I used the top edge of a stanley knife blade to both take out the varnish and provide the right gap in the hinge

Sandpaper was used to ease the movement between the wing and control surface

An apertures were formed in the wing roots for the hardwood wing blocks

A wing block securely glued in postion through which the wing retaining bolts will pass, they will also house the wing locating dowels