Sunday soaring

There was no IOM racing last Sunday so instead Rob and I  took off (literally).  The Bwlch was our meeting point and with quite a few gliders packed I was ready for all eventualities.  Even the day before I had been melting down lead to make ballast slugs for the Solange.
When we met the wind was around 10mph the forecast was for 15mph which I guess would normally be 20-25 at the Slopes.  The temperature wasn't too good either at a very cool 13 deg C, even Edinburgh was warmer.
We parked at the Ice Cream van and whilst unpacking admired (I think) the numerous cyclists who had made the very long climb up, we on the other hand undertook a 800m walk towards the aptly named Ice Cream slope.  The wind was directly on the slope at times but for most of the time it was coming across which wasn't brilliant, we struggled a bit between the times of good lift so after a while we decided to make or way to Mickey's
The lift was better but not quite up to what I was expecting or had experienced in the past.  However, we had some good flying,  Rob flew his wings as he left his Banana and Voltij in the attic! I flew the P15 and Solange.
Further along the slope I think Clayt's was F3Fing and another group of 7 were flying above Nantymoel which seemed a fair walk.

Rob, probably wishing he was back at home in the Caribbean

Local sheep at Mickey's