A new design is imminent

Now that VMG has been measured and the shroud terminations in the hull have been scrutinised and accepted by the higher echelons of the Class.  The 10oz of corrector weight has also been fastened into the hull I can really and fairly judge her design.

1) I was amazed how light VMG turned out, no wonder she was flying around the course prior to the    added ballast

2) The mast location and fin rake appeared to be all fine

3) The depth of the fin was within a mm of the rules!

4) The transom is 5mm to low

5) The bow is 5mm to high

6) There doesn't appear to be adequate buoyancy in the bow whilst running, the boat trims bows down so I feel this is causing both hull and bulb drag

The picture below is taken during her maiden and prior to the corrector weight being added, so encompassing the above and some other small design tweaks a new design will be drawn up soon, just need to get a Mefisto finished first