Speedo MKIII Build

This isn't so much a build as a fit out! Everything appears to fit really well together and all fixing holes have already been pre-drilled.  The kit also includes servo extension leads and velcro rx securing straps

Two Tower Pro servo's from Rehab have been used for the R&E 

The fuse appears to be fairly robust but I'd liked to have seen a bit more adhesive around the servo tray.  I have also reinforced the elevator control rod as the piano wire was flexing a little bit.

I've added 3mm carbon rod, CA'd and heat shrinked to the piano wire to prevent bending 

The elevator control splits into two

The rudder control rod

I've added another layer of GRP to the underside of the canopy as it was just a little bit too flexible for my liking

An all inclusive hardware pack, not sure where or how to fit the perspex servo thingy's

They appear to be a bit on the large side so will be put back in the box!

However, these GRP servo covers complete with self adhesive tabs are all very nice

A simple push forward, pull back canopy clip using a bit of snake, piano wire and epoxy glue

This is the housing in the stab which fits snuggly into the fin

Quite a thin wing, not sure of the section

Servo's being glued in place and the wing spring joiner is in place

The MKIII is not a light glider so a substantial amount of lead will be required to balance it.  I used some sand and the nose to form a mould

Melted some lead and poured it in

No instructions or guidance to the MKII's COG so I took a chance and thought this looked about right!

The pointy bit

The tail feathers

All done