P.S planked & sanded

Finished planking yesterday so was able to sand today.  I've read various views on how best to sand, fair an IOM home build but following my first two attempts this is the way I have developed my technique to get the best results

 First lay out the keel planks then the chine or waterline, then complete the wetted hull area working in from the chine towards the keel.  Once finished start from the deck gunwhale and work towards the chine

Prior to sanding I cover the whole hull with a thin layer of PVA spread with my hands, working the glue into any gaps.  In the photo above you can easily tell where I have sanded

 Rather than using a fairly fine sand paper which takes an eternity I use a coarse P60 grade and lightly rub at 90 degrees to the grain.  As soon as I've removed the PVA I stop.  I do small areas at a time and use rubber bands to prevent the hull lifting off the shadows which often cause horrible ripples (dont ask me how I know)

The sanded bow showing the diamond shape which I hope will help prevent the bow from diving down the mine in all but the meanest of gusts

The fairly flat transom and sharp chine, the freeboard to the aft quarter is slightly concave