Festive slow down

Since the last post my boat building has slowed to a crawl, that doesn't mean to say the BOR has been forgotten about, just that my enthusiasm has wained slightly.  This might have something to do with the Swansea MYC almost cancelling the Winter series due to illnesses and general apathy.  However, three of us are holding on in there by a thread.  Even my 9yr old son has offered to race our spare VTX as he doesn't want to see my enjoyment spoilt.  Another small factor has been which winch to put into the BOR, so far this year I have purchased 2 Eurgle winches to replace 2 failures so at this rate I don't intend using Eurgles again, that left me with the VTX's Graupner Regatta and no spare IOM for family or friends.  Therefore, on Christmas day I treated myself (hopefully) to a new BRC 208 sailwinch from Italy.
The shop, spending therapy has worked and over the past couple of days I have produced a foredeck plug from foam board, light filler and covered with cling film ready for glassing.

The internal hull has received two coats of yacht varnish, a servo table has been made for the rudder servo and winch but this will probably need amending when the BRC winch arrives

The foredeck plug prior to glassing