Bor's build is complete. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!
My Brain can now disengage from it's boat design and building duties (it's been a 24/7 exercise for the past 2 months).
Just to re-cap her max beam is 180mm (7 1/8").  As she is a narrow design, I am experimenting with a wider, flatter stern of 110mm (4 5/8") The thought behind this overall shape is to reduce wetted hull area whilst at the same time reduce pitching.  I believe that pitching is a bigger killer of boat speed than the slight increase in drag caused by the wider transom.
To improve on longitudinal trim I have lengthened and flattened the arc of the rocker,  thus diminishing  the center of buoyancy trim sensitivity (there are no crews on IOM's to move about).  The bow and fore most hull section has taken on a diamond shape to improve both dynamic lift and wave penetration, coupled with a full length chine I'm confident of her all round performance.  Added to this the free board runs seamlessly into the fore and aft decks, producing good aerodynamic qualities by reducing rotor.
The ready to race weight prior to correctors is: 3,865grams (136oz) so if my scales are accurate, corrector weight will be in the region of 135grams (4.76oz).  I am pleased with this as the 6VmAh battery pack I'm currently using weighs almost 150grams (5.3oz)