Tricky Tracer

The Spook was thrown out over Craig-Cefn-Parc to check the lift.  It was cold and snow was floating in the light breeze.  However, the lift was OK and was improving all the time.  After a quarter of an hour session with the Spook,warming up my thumbs which had had a 2 month lay off the sticks I was starting to twitch.  It was time.  Time to see if my latest creation would actually fly.  Time to see how long it would last.
The first and second launches proved very quick.  After adding roughly 120 grams of lead in front of the battery pack and clicking in some down elevator she really started to soar.  I thought she wouldn't be that aerobatic but I was extremely wrong.  WOW, this glider can rock! It was about ten minutes before my first unscheduled landing when she went into a unrecoverable spin but this bird is strong.  It wasn't long after when she went down again in the same spinning manner.  I needed to tame this tracer.  It was time to to dial some rates and expo in until I learn how to fly this mad machine.  Watch out, this 58" Tracer can axle role and loop a hell of a lot better than the pilot.
Now I'm really looking forward to getting to know this plane as there is loads of potential for learning new tricks.  OK exaggeration! Loads of potential for the just learning to keep her in the air is probably closer the truth.

Spook and Tracer