Measuring Up

Bor went under the scrutiny of the Measurer today.  I had prep'd the boat so as for the weight I knew she would be in the right field, I just had to add 7 grams of lead up the B rigs mast to bring it up to 308 grams which is the same weight as the A rig.  The hull required another 124 grams of lead ballast which was positioned just behind the CB.  The rigs were measured last year so a quick check of the deck to lower band was all that was required there.  Now the interesting bit, the water tank.  This is the bit where I can get a proper understanding of my design (some would say guess but I prefer experiment!)
I was very pleased to see that along with the right weight I had also produced a hull which was exactly 1m long with an overall draft of 408mm, the hull draft being around 38mm.  So now I have the relevant paperwork to post off in order to receive a Measurement Certificate which will allow me access to Open Events with this latest creation!

That was close!