There's nothing better than receiving an unexpected gift or in this case a restoration project.  I had been working for an old classmate and long time friend doing building work on his farm.   In one of the workshops was an old, broken model boat and knowing that I enjoyed building models he let me have this model to repair, enjoy and sail with my family.
That was yesterday, so today I did a bit of internet searching and have found out that this model is called a Wavemaster, designed by Les Rowell in 1953 and was first produced by Hammersmith Model Makers, in later years circa 1960 it was produced and marketed by Yeoman Kits

An original advert from 1953, in today's money I think it works out at £3.74

In the days this photo was taken the hull would probably have been half full of RC equipment and motor

Here's my Wave master, a little broken and unloved

Who ever built her originally did do a nice job

She came with a few bits and bobs but doesn't look as if she has ever been launched

Considering the size and weight of this model this little diesel engine just doesn't appear big enough