Wing repair

The tricky Tracer sustained a sprained wing during it's last run out.  Whilst flying inverted an incorrect signal was transmitted and rather then ascending a quick decent ensued.  The subsequent damage report was quite brief, a snapped aileron servo horn on the Port wing and a deep split on the underside skin and foam core of the Starboard wing.  Both the leading and trailing edge spars had also snapped.
Back at the Hangar  a liberal application of CA glue was administered to the area of damage and within a few seconds the wing appeared structurally sound again.  Although, I wasn't sure how much more stress and pilot abuse this repair would take.  So the decision was made to add some local reinforcement  to the effected area in order to help prolong the life of this wing due to the pilots incompetence at the controls.

Two 110mm x 9mm slots were cut into the underside of the wing

Two rectangles of wetted out fibre glass was persuaded into each of the slots using a T headed pin.  The area was cleaned up ready for some light weight filler and a patch repair recover.   Now we're just waiting for the right conditions to throw her off a Cliff again and expect her to return in one piece!!!