Mefisto magic

Just around the 20mph wind and the Mefisto was magic, practically turned itself inside out on two occasions!  I thought that Vee tails weren't suppose to be as aerobatic as X tails or AMT's (all moving tails) but I can't tell the difference. So here's a vid edited from a straight 20 minute flight

However, the landing was less impressive!  took here round on the finals, she went further back than I had hoped (above the fields at this stage) but not too worry and started to descend, the problem with being too far back is that it is extremely difficult to judge the gliders height from the ground as the last 1.5-2.5m  can't be seen from the flying area.  So I just carried on feeding in a little down elevator.  At one point the nose lifted up and she was going into a stall but some quick stick input put her nose back down but again she was blown downwind, panic over and just keep the wings level and nose down.  Then I lost sight of her so she wasn't far off the ground.  Although, a split second later I saw a wing tip being flipped over!!  There was nothing I could do I lost sight of the Mefisto again and just left the controls in a neutral position hoping for the best.
A fairly long walk to the edge of the landing zone and there was no sign of her, a search was carried out in the proximity of the last sighting but there was sign of her.  After expanding the search and after a little while I made out the tail of the plane under a fence approximately 25m into a field.  The wings had hit two wooden fence posts simultaneously and the boom had snapped just in front of the tail.  It wasn't a pretty sight. Back at the van I took this photo.

Can she be fixed or scrapped the jury is out?