I never thought I would

Build an EPP glider that is!  So I've built a couple of EPP wings but that's different, they aren't real planes.  The build is that simple that no instructions come with the kit and the info on the web is..........lets just say it isn't worth the cost to print off.  The only information which I can see will be of any use is the COG.
So here are some build picks

I thought I'd start by deciding on the location of the servo's, bearing in mind I want to keep them well forward but not enough to interfere with the battery pack

Servo apertures cut out, battery and rx locations sorted.  I have kept the rx well above the fuse carbon tube recess

Both fuse halves have been rebated and chases cut for cabling

AMT control horn, rebated into fuse to allow full movement

more chasing into the fuse to take the rudder clevis & control rod.  Note both snakes run into the carbon reinforcement tube

Magnets fastened into fuse wing root supports which have then been glued into the preformed fuse rebates