A stirring speach

I felt compelled after watching this speech to put on it my blog.  Being Welsh and almost the same age, I too have slightly similar memories of growing up and spending time playing at the Beach, Valley or Headlands.  Watching and enjoying the Wildlife, Frogs, Kingfisher's, Trout and Water Voles at Bishopston Valley,  Fishing, snorkelling and hunting in rockpools at Pwll Du.  Even in the garden Song Thrushes and House Sparrows were common place.  Once we even had a Hoopoo visit
As I'm getting older and becoming more cynical of the people we are lead to believe want to improve our living standards. This speech does hit some home truths. I would sincerely recommend watching the full 16 mins HERE
I'm sorry it's just a link but again 'blogspots' software can't find a popular youtube video ;-(