Daka daka daka daka

I had a PM last week, would I be interested in an un-started ME 109 kit...... How could I refuse!
Now I'm really looking froward to a little  Power Scale Soaring (PSS) with this Aerotech Models International Messerschmitt  Bf 109 G-2. span 56" length 42" weight 5-5.5lbs.  I did a little searching about this manufacturer /model and it made for some interesting reading!  most of the comments were of a negative bias relating to the manufacturer but what little info there was relating to their flying characteristics was a little more positive.  Anyway. I'll be soaring in good lift ;-)

Not sure how long this has been in someone's attic but the wood was all good

Wing progress prior to GRP centre joint reinforcement

Fuse in progress

40mm dia tube through fire wall.  A perfect fit for the battery pack to slide into
(first mod) 

The fuse is progressing well,  the foam core top and bottom parts of the fuse appear to be matching the fuse side with only minor fettling required.  The rudder will be a pull pull affair and as can be seen here the elevator will be operated by an ordinary snake.  The pins are holding the bottom of the cockpit in place whilst the glue cures

Not the most authentic WWII German pilot!  But he was extremely cheap

Starting to look like a fighter

Wing tips, cowl and tail parts fitted

My first attempt at airbrushing... A little bit more practice required!!

fitting the wing fairings turned out to be a satisfying experience.  That is until I turned the plane over

Some balsa and filler required here me thinks

Almost ready for painting