Yellow mellow

The Piranha has made it onto the workbench.  The obvious difference is that the original yellow GRP hull and deck had been painted white (not very well).  So with a bit of patience this was carefully removed.  Then I noticed that the prop shaft had been fitted very poorly with copious amounts of chopped strand GRP and also not properly aligned with the centre of the hull.  Again, this was carefully removed and the new 550 brushed motor and mount was installed.  There didn't appear enough room to install timber supports for the plastic motor mount to sit on so I decided on using CT1 to adhere it directly to the hull shell.  Then I re aligned and fitted the prop shaft.  I also made good the rudder aperture as there was significant movement.
Progress has slowed slightly as I await the delivery of the ESC and also because the cockpit area requires a fair amount of further work.  This will probably involve the forming of a new GRP skirt around the bottom edge as at present there is a large gap between the deck and cockpit due to another previous bodged repair!

The prop shaft was off  the centreline

original paint removed

re-fitting and repairing