ME 109 out of the hangar and on the apron

Yep, the ME 109 is all but finished.  All that is left is to acrylic varnish the undersides.  However, there is one slight problem.  I thoroughly enjoyed this build especially the camouflage and markings.  I can definitely see myself doing another PSS wooden kit again.

The captive nut has been glued to 3mm ply and is located in a grooved ply former fastened to the wing doublers.  Therefore, making it easy to remove and replace should it break on a heavy landing.

The rudder is a pull pull affair.  I have crossed the control wires in the fuse to perhaps give a better angle of exit-entrance out of the fuse sides and thus reduce friction and wear.

It took 150 grams of lead to balance the 109.  As can be seen here I managed to fit it all in the spinner.  The AUW is 1500grams

The elevator servo and rx are positioned under the forward hatch

Almost time for a maiden!