ME Primed

Yesterday the 109 received a coat of watered down matt varnish.  I did this to seal the balsa and perhaps raise the grain.  Then this morning this was lightly rubbed over with 400 wet or dry.  After that the wings and fuse received two coats of rattle can primer and two coats of light blue spray to the belly and wing undersides.  Here's the results prior to further acrylic air brush spraying

I'm not going to copy any original ME 109 colour scheme, partly due to there being over 30,000 manufactured, so chances are my scheme will be a close match to one at least.  I'm also too lazy to find out the correct colours hence this blue is from the Ford range!
There's also another admission, the eagle eyed or those in the know will notice the distinct lack of radiators on the wing undersides.  They were supplied but like the ailerons mod I want my this plane to be fairly agile so they've been omitted.

 Now how far do you go to make this PSS glider look realistic.  This has been bugging me for a little while.  I keep telling myself that less is more (like the undersides of the wings) but then I find myself thinking of adding more detail.  I guess time will tell as work is still in progress.