WIZ Shadows

Following a fairly long cooling off period I have now settled on the design and transposed Wiz's plan and section drawings into bodyplan patterns.  These are drawn on coloured paper which helps greatly whilst cutting around the individual shapes to produce the shadows.  There are twenty hull shadows and eleven fore deck shadows.
The final design has the same beam and rocker as the 7BOR.  However, the transom is narrower and the bow fuller.  A rebate has been introduced along the mid ships freeboard to help reduce leeway whilst heeling.  The foredeck has been specifically designed to improve the hulls aerodynamics whilst at the same time promote the end plate effect from the foot of the jib.  The transom is narrower and has more curve in the cross section to help reduce drag when the water leaves the hull.  The Mast will be lowered which in turn allows the whole of the aft deck freeboard to be reduced again  improving the aerodynamics and lowering the centre of balance.

Now I have my work cut out.