Last of the Autumn Series

Today was the last scheduled race of the Autumn Series and 2013.  It's been a good year of racing with relatively few cancellations due to adverse weather!  Numbers have dropped off which is a little concerning but I feel the level of competition has been stronger.  Nigel won the Summer series, Dave H has certainly found some good speed skippering a re-conditioned Wotsit.  And also our newest member Doug is becoming more in tune the intimacies of IOM racing and starting to win races.
Today again the wind was painfully light.  For the third week in succession only a sniff of a breeze has occasionally crossed the race course.  Patience, pain staking staring and very tentative thumbs have endured races which have lasted in excess of 40 minutes.
So with each competitor utterly engrossed in keeping their yacht creeping along it seemed almost natural to miss the very unusual cloud formation which brought the curtain down on this seasons racing.

 Autumn ripples