Edge ancillaries

Normally after glassing the outside of the hull and sanding the internals I resin and glass the high load areas and varnish the remainder of the insides.  This time I have decided to leave out the varnish completely and not to resin and glass the insides until the majority of the fit out is completed.  Therefore, the resin should help adhere the ancillaries in position.  Only the mast, fin case will be glued in place after the complete insides have received two coats of resin.  This could also prevent moisture absorption.
The foredeck has been planked and sanded and the internal jib clews have been made out of a piece of hollowed out 9mm birch ply.  The rudder tube support has been installed and the mast/fin case has been manufactured from 3mm balsa and 9mm ply.  Softwood bearers and ply plates have been glued to the insides of the hull to take the shrouds and winch/rudder servo trays.  I've also started to make the pot recess.