Finishing touches

Almost there!  The rudder is fitted and scribed to the hull.  I have managed keep the gap between the top of the rudder and hull very small which I'm pleased with.  The steel rudder shaft is 4mm thick so the max gap is probably under 0.5mm

The rudder linkage is also complete.  I used 6mm dia aluminium tube and glued in M3 threaded S/S rod with 14hr Cure time (patience is a Saint) Araldite at each end.  On one end is a clip clevis and the other a ball joint to prevent slop.  I have also cut one of the little rubber groimts in half which come with a servo and stretched them onto the rudder shaft. One half below the control arm and one above.  This not only provides a nice seal but could stop the rudder dropping out of the boat should the retaining grub screw ever become loose.  This hasn't happened to me but I have witnessed this happening to a Club member (No names mentioned Nigel).  The V shaped piece of plastic is attached to the thin end of the bung to help prevent loosing it, it's from a milk carton.

Next I fitted the winch.  With this design it's not too tricky but I did adopt what I consider to be an easy method.  Place a thin wire or string through the main output shaft hole of the winch servo tray.  Then pull the end through the deck aperture that the winch will pass through into the hull.  Wrap the end of the wire around the threaded spline a couple of times and secure the locking bolt.  Pull the other end of the wire and feed the winch into it's position.  The winch can then be easily twisted round to pick up the securing bolt holes and fixed into position.