Good Competition

Had numerous short races today.  Would have had plenty more if I hadn't left Nigel's receiver at home and had to back to get it.  Simple one lap of a windward, leeward course each leg 50m long.  Short line and three IOM's taking part.  Isis, Cockatoo and my Edge.  Overall the racing was close and for the majority of the races the positions reflected the experience of the skippers with Doug who only started last year not quite managing to get on the start line on time.   Nigel and myself jostled quite often with the results off the start being very equal.  From then on it depended on which shift to tack on or if you stuck it out how good the next big lift would be! The Edge went to wind very well.  I might just tweak a little more weather helm out of the rig but not a lot as today she appeared to be sailing quite high.  The runs were OK until the gusts came down the lake and had a much bigger effect on the Edges trim than the other two IOM's.  Only once or twice did she actually nose dive but her bow down trim didn't look that impressive but I was still in control most of the time.  I'll just have to get used to this trait as I'm not building another IOM soon.