Adding an X 2 VTX

I have been planning this makeover for a long time.  Today the weather has been very miserable (Too wet for glossing the woodwork!) The wife is working the eldest is in Cardiff, the youngest is playing with a neighbour and the Sorrento's glue is curing.  So out came the electrics off came the fittings, say goodbye to the flush decks, a quick sand and wash out and this is what I have to work with.  A Mark Dicks, mid ninety's designed, 170mm beamed VTX.  Now I am really going to struggle to keep the weight down. Most of my builds in this state come in at around the 275-290g mark.  This Chopped Matt Strand bruiser is a whopping 505g.  This came as a bit of a shock but I do have about 50g of corrector weight to play with but a new faster winch looks very unlikely as a minimum weight, slow winch is probably faster than a heavier IOM with a fast winch!  The appendages will also be changed so overall the performance should be (better be) improved.

A blank canvas