Vertex has been sailed and raced.  First impressions are promising, she pointed very well and by comparison wasn't at all sluggish on the runs which is usually my slowest point of sailing.  The longitudinal trim requires further tuning as the stern was a little high whilst the bow was too low.  I was hoping I had alleviated  or at least improved this scenario by moving the rig and fin further aft from the VTX's but the placement of the corrector weight will also have to come into play and for starters will be moved just in front of the mast post.  Overall, after 10 races I finished in second place but first out of the non handicappers.  The skipper who came first is allowed a 20sec head start and he won 5 races.  I think I won 3.   This week I'll have a little break from the bench, try and get some flying in and start Vertex's registration and measurement process.  It doesn't help  that I had a long debate with the local  measurer at the lakeside today over the "significant advantage" and the more than a one penalty turn rule.  Simply put he hasn't read a rule book in well over 10yrs, and couldn't believe such a rule existed.  I was banging my head against a brick wall but in the end we came to an agreement.  The Club and racing is to be run by his rules which are yet to be published!    Unlike the RRS:

Appendix E

E4.3 Taking a Penalty 
Rule 44.1 is changed to: 
A boat may take a One-Turn Penalty when she may have broken one 
or more rules of Part 2, or rule 31, in an incident while racing. 
(a) when she may have broken a rule of Part 2 and rule 31 in the 
same incident she need not take the penalty for breaking rule 
(b) if the boat gained a significant advantage in the heat or race by 
her breach despite taking a penalty, her penalty shall be an 
additional One-Turn Penalty;

Now I've got that off my chest it's back  to the Vertex and a couple of action photo's in less than dynamic conditions.