What a difference a Chine makes!

Last Sunday the Swansea MYC held another leg of the Zulu Cup.  Nigel and I decided beforehand to swap boats for this event just to see what the outcome would be.  Nigel was keen to race a boat with chines and raced my latest IOM build, Vertex.   I was happy to race his Cockatoo (C2) with a new Ullman A suit-rig,  CM appendages, RMG winch and Align rudder servo.
At the lake I rigged and tuned both boats whilst Nigel was busy.  The wind was moderate but fairly gusty on the lake.  I opted for a slightly flatter, less twisted main than jib.  The end of the mains middle batten facing directly aft.  The actual main and jib leaches were more or less the same shape.  I cant speak for the Vertex but on the water prior to racing the C2 felt OK but perhaps the main was a little too flat so a small tweak was necessary.
The first race was a two boat affair, both the C2 and Vertex sailed away from the fleet and exchanged places a couple of times.  At the finish the C2 took the bullet.  However, that was to be first and last. During the next 10 races Nigel skippered the Vertex into six first places finishing the day with a very respectful score.  Where as I on the other hand really struggled.  The C2 was very mediocre and felt a bit spongy upwind.  Despite pointing relatively high and appearing to heel at much the same angle as the competition there was no speed, no get up and go, no life almost!  So I spent a lot of time stuck in the fleet and often in dirty air.
Although, on the plus side I did enjoy watching the Vertex wining, at times with comparative ease.  In fact this event probably turned out to be one of Nigel's most successful days at the lake and just shows what a difference a chine can make.

Vertex improved Nigel's average score

And I struggled with this Turkey!