Inside an EVO

Frank Russell originally designed the Goth and since its inception various versions have been produced. In fact so many that I don't think anybody is that sure where we are with them at the moment.  However, a good friend of mine has recently purchased a second hand Goth EVO mx 3

It was built in 2013 and looks to have had a fairly hard upbringing!  I have been asked to give it a bit of a once over. 

The very first job was to remove the Specky 5ch Rx and replace it with a Futaba FHSS Rx as the Futaba 6J TX is a far superior.  Next I weighed the hull ex batteries but including corrector weight = 1205g + fin and Bulb = 3705 + rig at approx 300g = 4005g OK now add the 6V 2600 mAh Ni-MH battery and we were 184g too heavy.  I have since removed the 236g of original corrector weight  and will add back the required amount after an accurate weight for the rigs has been established.
Talking of corrector weight there seems to be some debate about the best fore and aft positioning.  I think I'll place it directly under the pot just to keep the bow up slightly to start with.

The main sheet post isn't ideal as there appears to be a ligature point between the post and S/S ring fairlead.  The rudder servo linkage is also off set so the throws are unequal from side to side.  This particular servo is a Hitec HS5086wp.  It's has quite an impressive specification for it's size with a torque of 3.6kg at 6V so probably wont be replaced at this moment in time.

The winch is a MX Components RMG clone very similar to my own BRC winch.  It is located in front of the mast and probably weighs around the 134g. Like my winch some of the electrics are in a heat shrink envelope but in this case have been left loose to rest on the inside of the hull.  I have fastened mine up off the hull shell to help prevent moisture ingress.

There's also a little repair required where the rudder has had a fair knock which in turn has cracked, chipped the surrounding rudder tube aperture.  It doesn't leak but looks a bit rough.

I also like to know where different designs have their mast.  For instance; Isis & V8 = 515mm from the transom, BP 500mm, Lintel 485 and the MX Evo 3 = 480mm from the transom, some 35mm further aft than the similar beam sized V8.