Pleasant planking

This part of the build has got to be one of the most rewarding.  With each plank the hull shape develops in front of you and you cant help but start imagining the completed model effortlessly gliding through the water.

The majority of the planking to the freeboard has been cut to taper from 5mm at the stern to10mm at the bow.  Even though this design is slab sided and the freeboard could have been cut from a single sheet, I chose to plank it due to the additional stiffness laminating achieves and also to reduce the likelihood of twisting by the alternate turning of each plank end to end.  It's how they made the old wooden spars in the old days to stay relatively straight and strong.

When it comes to cutting the normal planks I cut the individual strips using two lengths alloy angle one on top of the other. It's quick and accurate.