Fairing up!

I'm fairly happy with the shaping, fairing at the tail. Only a very keen Hurricane addict would really notice that it's not strictly to scale, but lets be fair at the end of the day this is just a very good value for money kit and therefore isn't designed for the purist!

The under wing fairing is also coming along. Here I'm deliberating the best way to go about this challenge.

And here is a photo of a silly, stupid mistake!!!! In fact it's two mistakes really. They came about as I deviated from the original plan but that is no excuse. I decided a while ago to use the original aileron torque rods to power the additional flaps and then add a couple of wing servo's to power the ailerons. I hope that makes sense, in essence I've added flaps! However, when I designed and made the wing retaining nut bracket which slide in a groove to allow a little movement pending a bad arrival I only went and fixed it too close to the upper wing surface. This leaves only a very small gap for the flap control rods to pass through. I will probably be cutting some notches. The other mistake which is even more stupid is that I have aligned the wing retaining nut brackets with the top surface of the wing and not the bottom. What a plonker! Basically, I should cut the whole assembly out and start again. But I'm too stubborn for that and will make do and mend