Sails and Laminating

Rebel's hull has been laminated with 1 layer of 80g/m2 fibre glass.  I'm hoping this will be adequate and offer enough impact resistance.  The internal surface of the hull will also be laminated around the high load areas of the fin box and mast.

I have also made my first suit of sails which in the whole was an enjoyable job.  However, the mylar film  sets in a better shape on one tack better than the other so perhaps I'll be making another suit pretty soon.  This evening I've drawn out a new IOM main for my sons yacht and will turn the film over on each alternate panel to try and stabilise the shape.  I can't be too fussy as I bought over 20m of  50 micron film for just over £8.00 inc p&p on eBay on Christmas Day!