bulb building

In the past I have melted down lead and poured it into a sand mould to form nose weight in one of my slopers.  However, for this project I jut wanted to make a bulb without too much hassle.  The idea of making a plug then a mould and then the excitement! of melting lead wasn't that appealing.  So I decided to cheat and make the bulb from seven lead profiles glued together.
I made a MDF template of the shape using french curves and went for the 'If it looks good it probably is good approach for the position of the fin.  The lead was then cut with the kitchen scissors and stuck together with CT1.

Then after leaving it for 24hrs I have just started to round off the corners.  It still needs a bit more sanding and then I'll wrap it in an old pair of tights and give it a couple of coats of resin and paint.  As you can see it has quite a narrow shape to cut through the water, similar to the hull.