Different approach

Spring has certainly sprung.  The early blossom is blooming.  The grass is growing. An early morning sea mist is being burnt away by midday and I'm back 'n' busy in the workshop!

Caswell Bay

A new build and a slightly different approach!  I had previously amended Vertex's plug to increase the rocker and volume near the bow.  However, I lent the plug to another Club member but they never found the time to build a hull.  Saturday morning I awoke, took my four legged friend for a little walk down the woods to Caswell, around the cliff path back over Langland Golf Course and home.  Breakfast, coffee then wetted out the first layer of 135g/m2 of fibreglass at 10:00hrs.  At 14.00hrs the resin had 'kicked' and I applied another layer of 135g.  At 17:00hrs I could lay the final laminate of 80g/m2 fibre glass.  Then that evening whilst the resin was still green I applied a coat of just resin to fill the weave.  
Therefore, in one day the whole F/G laminating process was completed and all that was left was a 80 grit sand and another resin coat prior to painting.  Usually this process takes me a lot  longer and I usually suffer from amine blush which causes the dreaded fish eyes.


By adopting this approach I din't have to use spray mount to tack the F/G to the plug, nor did I use a brush.  Instead I used a small foam paint pad and a credit card. Am I converted?  YES....
So with a little more enthusiasm this evening in between painting a bookcase and treating the lawn I made good progress by laminating the foredeck, kicker well and a fin box for my RG 65 Rebel D&B